World Class Events: What to Include for the Elitist Feel

world class event

When planning a major conference or event, organizers want to make sure participants leave feeling thrilled they attended and excited to share their experience with the world. But these days, this is no small task. Participants expect the full VIP experience (regardless of status)- with exclusive offers, prizes, and networking opportunities. And event planners are […]

How to Facilitate Networking and Leave Your Guests with a Rewarding List of Contacts

people networking at an event

Invite the Right Attendees Select guests who are willing to engage in networking opportunities. The best part about planning your own networking event is that you will have control over the guest list. You can target specific individuals and invite attendees that you know will mix and mingle well within the crowd. If your objective […]

10 Innovative Ice Breakers for Event Planners to Consider

people participating in an icebreaker at an event

Great Ice breakers for Your Next Event Your next event, whether it’s in person or virtually, should always start with an ice breaker. Ice breakers are a long-time tradition of warming up your audience so everyone feels engaged and comfortable participating. It’s also a great way to get to know your attendees. Just try to […]

Audience Engagement: How to Get Them Out of Their Seats

audience being engaged

Industry leaders and experts have an opportunity to impact and influence their audience with their work and words. However, they can’t assume just sharing what they know is enough to get people on the edge of their seats.   Many presenters make the mistake of thinking their reputation, expertise, or subject matter will be enough to […]

The Hottest NEW Event Venue In NYC

NYC buildings

The hottest new venue in NYC is a little place called Hudson Yards. What exactly is Hudson Yards? It’s a 28-acre new neighborhood near Chelsea. The NYC redevelopment project is bounded roughly by 30th Street in the south, 43rd Street in the north, the West Side Highway in the west, and Eighth Avenue in the east. With hotels, office buildings, event […]

Branding Your Venue: 10 Must-Have Elements to WOW Your Audience

venue speaker wowing his audience

Research shows that events can have a significant impact on your attendee’s opinion of your brand; 84% of event attendees have a positive opinion about a company, brand, or product after attending an event. This means you need to plan ahead and give your audience every opportunity to love you. If your company hosts an event, […]

Branding the Brand: How World-Class Content Creation Differentiates Your Event

van wagner live event

Hosting a world-class event can’t happen without tying your brand to the event intimately. The first task is creating a successful event is to define the goals and objectives of the program itself.  We will work backwards with your branding to ensure we have all items covered. Of course, you will be creating outstanding content […]

Giveaways: 10 Meaningful & Clever Audience Gifts that Leave a Lasting Impression

Branding the brand

Branded Giveaways are the Gifts that Give Back Who says you can’t buy love?  In fact, branded giveaways that customers value is one of the best ways for organizers to enhance the customer experience, promote their brands, and create a lasting buzz about their event.  Maybe even make some customers fall in love! Whether it’s […]

How to Produce a Successful Event in Another Country

Flags of other countries you can produce events in

An event organizer is well-versed with juggling a wide range of roles simultaneously- from project manager to quality inspector. But add in the international dynamic- visa requirements, language barriers, and cultural differences, to name a few- and the role takes on a whole new level of complexity.  But like all challenging endeavors, with the right […]

Experience Event Planning Post COVID

Event planning post COVID

The global events industry was valued at over $1.1 billion, expected to reach $2.3 billion by 2026. In the U.S. alone, live meeting events supported 2.5 million jobs and generated an additional $1.60 for the economy for every dollar spent. But That Was Before the COVID-19 Pandemic Hit… Despite the devastation it has had on […]