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Branding the Brand: How World-Class Content Creation Differentiates Your Event

Hosting a world-class event can’t happen without tying your brand to the event intimately. The first task is creating a successful event is to define the goals and objectives of the program itself.  We will work backwards with your branding to ensure we have all items covered.

Of course, you will be creating outstanding content to market the event. But even with innovative and relevant content, event organizers won’t get very far if the scope of the content does not amplify your brand pillars.

Developing a content strategy can be complex, but when done correctly, content marketing can simultaneously bolster a brand’s reputation while setting the stage for an impressive event with unprecedented attendance.

Don’t know where to start? Here are the latest innovative techniques to generate valuable content with minimal effort and maximum results.

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Market your Guest Speakers with Short Videos

Guest speakers are one of the biggest draws for event attendees and a fantastic resource for marketers to use for boosting excitement and registration.

Organizers can request a short video interview with speakers, providing them with a list of questions ahead of time to make the experience as convenient and efficient as possible. Be sure that the speakers and your goals are aligned in all messaging and videos.

Event organizers can share video content on virtually every platform; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo, are all commonly utilized platforms where you can promote your event. Interview videos can also be included on the event website or in the speakers’ bio to provide a more intimate introduction to interested viewers and registered participants.

Video transcription services can also be used to turn the interview into text for an article or blog post. Be sure to create a hashtag that resonates with your themed message while tying together your brand and all of its supporting elements.

New virtual technologies make recording high-quality remote videos simple. With a decent webcam and microphone, interviews can be done using a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom or a remote recording software, such as Iris or Vidyard

Be sure to provide your speakers with an event marketing kit that contains the event logo, tagline, hashtags, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram page, LinkedIn, any apps if being used, and a sizzle reel. This will ensure your messaging and branding stay on target regardless of who the message is coming from.

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Crowdsource Content from Those Past Attendees

Branding the brand

Chances are that customers and past attendees have posted plenty of great content from previous events which can be used for marketing material on the event website and social channels.

The trick is for event planners to get their hands on the content. Hashtag searches are one route, leading organizers to user content they can share with their followers. But since most people love to self-promote and share their experiences, marketers can also simply post a shout-out to followers, requesting that they tag or send any great event content they are willing to share with the new branded hashtag. 

Event planners may consider making this a contest as well to get more participants.

Another option would be for organizers to request content during and immediately after the event, while the experience is still fresh and relevant for participants. This way, they will have both promotional content for the current event and marketing material for the years to come. 

Repurpose Content from Past Events

Leveraging content from previous conferences and gatherings is an excellent way for reaching potential attendees to promote an upcoming event. Presentations from past sessions can be turned into shorter posts that pack a punch. And since savvy speakers are now building decks online to connect followers to their work, they will most likely be happy to share to further broaden their reach. 

Another great strategy to recycle content is to request permission from speakers to convert their presentations into a SlideShare. This gives organizers access to SlideShare users as soon as the presentation is published, along with embeddable links that can be incorporated into any relevant published content.

This content may be used in conjunction with a paywall to tease the event and once you get to a certain point, you must pay and that amount can get you access to the entire event.

Event marketers can also use positive feedback and quotes from previous events to post on social channels, as well as solicit reviews from VIP attendees to increase credibility and broaden reach.

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Organize Pre-Event Hangouts to Use on your Blog

Pre-event virtual hangouts are an extremely effective strategy for spreading the word and generating excitement about an upcoming event. Even better, they are quick and easy to set up using any number of platforms, from Blab to Google Hangouts to Facebook and Twitter. 

Organizers can create various chat hangouts for different groups related to the event. For example, organizers could plan a virtual hangout touching on topics relevant to the event’s target industry to encourage networking and collaboration. Additionally, online groups could be organized to share ideas and encourage partnerships between event planners and marketers to create even more of a buzz.

The best part about creating these online gatherings is that they can be promoted on social channels to inspire curiosity and excitement about the event. Marketers can also sum up hangout highlights in a blog post that can be used to generate even more event chatter online.

Clever event planners will incorporate branding the brand by tying key brand and event pillars together to elicit the event theme as you lead up to the big event.

Create Event Branded Videos to Share Online

Analysts predict that videos will make up over 82% of all consumer traffic online, so why not use video content as a way to maximize event marketing reach? Again, using video snippets from previous events, as well as excerpts of speaker interviews is a quick and easy way to distribute effective content. 

Brands can also produce affordable mini-mercials to support the event goals with call outs to the speakers and the relevant brand ties to each. Reinforcing the purpose of each session and speaker brings will continue to elevate your brand and explain why you are having the event. Don’t be shy, you’re offering value – tell your audience what it is every chance possible.

Using syndicated platforms like LinkedIn Pulse, Medium and Tumblr are a fantastic way to distribute video content to reach an even broader audience. And with a strong call to action, syndicated content can drive viewers to visit the event website while simultaneously raising brand awareness. 

How To Distribute Your Event Content

Creating amazing content isn’t enough to boost event registration. Event marketers have to strategically distribute compelling content on the preferred communication channels of their target audience.

Consider who your event is appealing to and where they spend time; primary outreach should always be email but you don’t have EVERYONE’s email address, so you’ll need to cast your content net wider to grab your target audience’s attention. Consider omnichannel marketing strategies to support your event marketing needs.

Create Shareable Content

Again, the end goal is maximum distribution. Make sure all content is persuasive and easy to share, always including event hashtags and direct links to the event site and registration. 

Ask Influencers to Promote your Event

Asking influencers to share event content online is a brilliant marketing technique, especially since they will most likely have a large, loyal following with a similar target audience.  Remember your speakers are your key influencers and when you align speaking points and brands with your speakers, it’s a free commercial – encourage sharing and offer coupon codes for their followers.

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Final Word

Branding your brand in event marketing will make planning your event come together easier than you may have considered. When you base all event decisions on your goals, defining the theme, selecting speakers, creating content, designing venue assets, and creating the sessions, pre-meetings, and breakouts all fall together based on the primary goal. 

Be sure your goal and all details are aligned throughout the process and you’ll find you have designed an event to remember.

If you have any questions about virtual and hybrid events, let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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