15 Cool Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Event Masterpiece

Event ideas to inspire your next event

As live events make their triumphant return, the pressure is high to make the experience one that’s impossible to forget.  And while an impressive agenda and amazing speakers are still essential, there is an unspoken expectation for the experience to be more than a little extra. So where do event organizers even begin?  Here are […]

15 Live Event Hosting Tips by The Event Experts at Van Wagner

van wagner live event

Even for the seasoned professional, pulling off a live event takes a substantial amount of planning, along with the inevitable blood, sweat, and tears required to make it a smashing success. And although some personal flair is essential, there is no need to blaze a new trail. Here are 15 expert hosting tips for event […]

10 New Event Industry Careers that Materialized While Sheltering in Place

Event industry careers

When the pandemic hit, event organizers had to tap into their creativity and resourcefulness on a level they could have never imagined, salvaging scheduled events, and ultimately, their entire industry. The result has not only presented new and exciting ways to connect on a global scale, but also generated unique job opportunities for those looking […]

Hosting Your Virtual Silent Auction: The Ultimate Guide

Virtual Silent Auction

With the nonprofit sector facing more challenges now than ever, finding new and creative ways to raise funds and engage donors online can feel overwhelming at best.  But nonprofits of all shapes and sizes are discovering how fruitful virtual silent auctions can be for raising awareness, fueling their mission, and inspiring donors to up their […]

How To Acquire the Best Talent for Your Panelists and Keynote Speakers

NYU Hybrid Graduation

The keynote speaker and panelists line-up is one of, if not the most important part of a successful event, impacting everything from registration and attendance rates to sponsorships and ROI. But if event organizers don’t have a savvy sourcing strategy in place, the result can be awkward at best, or worse case, a complete bust. […]

How To Produce the Biggest Televised Hybrid Event in History

Televised hybrid event

There is no question, hybrid events are the future and an essential strategy for event organizers if they want to stay on top of a changing industry. A hybrid event allows people to connect in-person while still incorporating individuals online. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to bring people together from all over the world in a […]

The Best Meeting Apps To Create Engagement

Laptop on table with flowers and coffee mug with a virtual event taking place on the screen.

Mobile apps have transformed the way organizations communicate with customers, as well as user expectations for convenient ways to manage every aspect of their lives with their fingertips – from carb counting to currency exchanges. Meeting apps are no exception, providing event organizers a unique opportunity to engage participants from virtually anywhere with captivating features […]

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Virtual Trade Show for Success

Virtual trade show

One thing that has become clear over the past year- almost any event can go virtual, and often, with even better results. Virtual trade shows are proof, enhancing all the areas that make live trade shows so effective: networking, product education, and lead generation.  Ready to learn how to thrive in the virtual trade show […]

Virtual Meeting Fatigue and How to Combat It

Fatigued woman sitting at a laptop

Remember the days when we all used to dream about how nice it would be to work from home? Now we are experiencing a collective phenomenon- tired from too much of a “good thing.” This new phenomenon, known as zoom fatigue, is wrecking home workers’ work-life balance, as well as inducing even more stress and […]