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The Best Meeting Apps To Create Engagement

Mobile apps have transformed the way organizations communicate with customers, as well as user expectations for convenient ways to manage every aspect of their lives with their fingertips – from carb counting to currency exchanges.

Meeting apps are no exception, providing event organizers a unique opportunity to engage participants from virtually anywhere with captivating features that significantly enhance the event experience. But with so many meeting app options, understanding which tools are best for virtual or hybrid events can feel next to impossible. 

Here’s the lowdown on some of the top meeting planning apps and their most useful features and benefits. 

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Why Is a Good Meeting App Important?

Today’s event world has been forever changed, and so has the audiences’ expectations. Event participants want a dynamic, multi-sensory experience they can easily access from anywhere using the latest technology, which is precisely why a good meeting app is the linchpin of any successful virtual or hybrid event.

An effective event app makes it effortless for attendees to participate in an event. With just a few clicks, users can view the program schedule, access event resources, join live-streaming sessions, and participate in live group chats and Q&A sessions, no matter where they are. 

Meeting apps also allow attendees to customize the event according to their individual needs, creating customized schedules with personalized notifications to alert them about the event activities that interest them most.

And most notable for your brand and sponsors is the engagement and additional screen time allowing you to entertain and educate your audience. These hours of screen time can be monetized through sponsorships; in addition, your audience’s purchase intent will increase with each additional wow feature.

Best Meeting Apps 

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Bizzabo is an all-in-one event management software that includes tools to build event websites, streamline workflow, optimize marketing efforts, and analyze event results. Bizzabo’s mobile event app has helped thousands of event planners provide an advanced, integrated solution that delivers a fully connected and seamless experience for attendees from start to finish. 

Favorite advanced features include: 

  • An enterprise-grade solution that manages event strategy in one place
  • Sync events across devices while preserving brand integrity 
  • Create multi-track, dynamic event agendas that are in sync with the event app
  • High-quality live streams and on-demand videos
  • Effortless onsite and online check-in and lead capture
  • Real-time analytics to capture event performance

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MeetingPulse provides expert planning, proven techniques, and advanced tools needed to run a smooth, successful event. Even better, they offer a professional concierge to manage the event and ensure everything runs smoothly. 

MeetingPulse works as a stand-alone solution and can be accessed in any internet browser, with no app to download. The software integrates easily with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and is easily customizable to meet the unique branding needs of each user.

Their scaleable features include live polls and surveys, contests and raffles, quizzes, and Q&A sessions, all that can be used at any stage of the event, with additional features to analyze and store data results. 

Are you thinking about cancelling your in-person event? Our producers and tech staff can partner with your team to develop a presentation and engagement you will love! Contact Van Wagner for more information.  

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Planning Pod

Planning Pod offers an all-encompassing event management software that provides collaborative tools to streamline planning processes, manage implementation tasks, and optimize internal and external communication. Planning Pod features help planners map out timelines and budgets, as well as set up live, automated dashboards and reports to track performance goals and results. 

Platform features also make it easy for team members to support the following event needs:

  • Build custom event webpages 
  • Manage online registration and payment processes
  • Collect leads and manage marketing and sales pipeline
  • Schedule event bookings
  • Design your venue layout

The platform is mobile friendly, can be accessed on any web browser, and is easily integrated with Google, Outlook, Square, Stripe, and many others.


Attendify offers event planners one of the most user-friendly event platforms to create a branded, personalized online event experience that allows attendees to stay actively engaged while keeping up with their busy day.

Attendify’s event solution streamlines the mobile and virtual experience for both event planners and organizers with the following features:

  • Single dashboard to manage hybrid/virtual events
  • User-friendly graphics & content design for customized branding
  • Easy access (via app or browser) to event program, live sessions & activities
  • Seamless check-in & checkout user experience
  • Integrated social media & analytics for enhanced engagement, networking & sponsor promotion

Sl.ido offers a simple polling and Q&A platform to promote interactive, entertaining engagement between event presenters and their audience. Whether through quizzes, ask-me-anything sessions, or themed polling, is a game-changer for breaking the ice, energizing virtual sessions, and summarizing key learnings. Analytics also lets you view, analyze, and export all the event data to track and record audience interactions.

With Slido, there is nothing to download, and the software can be easily integrated into virtual meeting software, making sure all event tools can be accessed from one place. 


LoQuiz is a gamification platform for real-world games that transforms any standard virtual or hybrid event sessions into an exciting adventure. Interactive experiences, such as scavenger hunts, for example, provide memorable experiences that are not only fun and challenging, but also promote connection and collaboration between participants from different offices, industries, and countries from all over the world. 

And since there are over 400 available features or tasks for each game, every experience is unique. Event organizers can test the software for free, finding inspiration from pro users, or create their own with a variety of quick-start templates. 


Slack is a communication tool that has revolutionized the way organizations communicate. Slack creates customizable open or private channels for sharing and archiving real-time chat exchanges, streamlining processes, and speeding up collaboration by building and connecting new workflows across organizations. 

Some of the features that set Slack apart include: 

  • Build workflows & organize project/teams/topics into open or private channels 
  • Send messages and share files, tools in real time w/in & across organization
  • Link to social media & Google to funnel all notifications to Slack
  • Instantly start meetings or join calls with built-in voice and video call features

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The Last Word on Meeting Apps

It’s clear why meeting apps are quickly becoming the standard for any virtual event, offering endless ways for hosts to communicate, collaborate, and interact with participants throughout the experience. 

But first organizers need to decide which tool best meets the ever-evolving needs and expectations of their target audience. Stick to this list of top contenders to ensure an event experience that is as entertaining and productive as it is memorable and seamless. 
Considering a hybrid event? Whether your event will be viewed live or pre-recorded, we collaborate with visionary organizations across all industries to develop the best presentation and engagement strategies around. Contact Van Wagner to learn more.

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