10 Ways to Differentiate Your Hybrid Event & Keep Virtual Event Engagement

Women watching attending a virtual event

alt text: Women watching attending a virtual  event In a time of continued social distancing, businesses rely more and more on hybrid events. This includes both live and virtual attendees- to stay connected, exchange information, and find ways to thrive in a challenging climate. Although challenging in some regards, hybrid events do benefit from reaching […]

What Is a Hybrid Event, and How Do They Work?

Our employees overseeing production during COVID-19

If “Zoom” was the word of 2020, then “Hybrid” is the new word of 2021.  Hybrid events have been around for years.  After the pandemic hit in 2020, it affected everyone’s plans, corporate events, weddings, travel. Everything just came to a grinding halt.   Online streaming, zoom calls, masks, and social distancing became the new norm […]

What is the difference between a hybrid event and virtual event?

a virtual meeting on a laptop

Virtual Events Virtual Events are precisely that, an online event with virtual attendees. They are utilizing top technology and innovation to get a clear message across.  In the past year, it’s become the new normal.  The 2020 pandemic created an extremely high demand for virtual events.  Travel came to a ceasing halt, and zoom became […]